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Some love notes...

I had a life-changing experience with Elizabeth, not only does she provide you with economical advice but she ponders on your dreams and encourages a detailed conversation about your goals and how you plan on getting there. Thereafter, she engages you on your barriers and immediately helps you identify the actual problem. I have never found myself having to confront toxic patterns - I wasn't even aware I had them. And just as you feel confused and discouraged by that revelation she lead you in Scripture. 

I am honestly grateful. After our session, I became active about my dreams and it felt good. It was a therapy session, a counseling session, an educational seminar, and a call with a friend in one. I honestly have no idea how she does it!

The call, you never know what you need.

Thank you so much, Elizabeth. You are a true gift from God. God bless you..

— Sanelisiwe.