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Elizabeth Buko

Hi. I’m Elizabeth.

I am a Certified Master Financial Coach, International Bestselling Author, and a lover of Jesus.

My mission is to show and encourage passionate women like you, who want to improve their relationship with money, build a wealthy lifestyle and become the best version of themselves; how they can achieve their dreams one step at a time.

I help female entrepreneurs, and professionals build their wealth and net worth to 6 figures by changing the way they think about money and designing their unique wealth blueprint using biblical principles.

No two women are alike. So your wealth-building path will be completely unique to you. I'm here to help plan out your own path to wealth from exactly where you are right now. 

Do you…

…Feel stuck financially, not having the energy, motivation, or creativity to change your situation 

OR maybe you feel you are too old, too young, too inexperienced, or too busy to create the abundant life you dream of

…Spend a lot of time worrying about your future and retirement but feel bugged down with competing priorities to make any headway.

Do You dream of a time when your bills are paid on time, you think of your future with money without anxiety, and you have more than enough to care for yourself, and your children while still making an impact in the lives of the people you love?


Meet Elizabeth.

I am a mom of 2, and I am as just as passionate, excited, and frazzled as you are. 

I spend most days separating tiredness-induced quarrels between my children for the same toy.

I worked as a Chemical Engineer for 7 years and a Cost-Management strategist for 3 years until my company closed down. I lost my job and my identity and alot of money in one phone call, and found myself in an early life crisis seeking desperately to find my meaning, joy and purpose. 

By working on my mindset I have been able to change the way I see my circumstances, acquire the knowledge I needed to start investing towards my childrens future, my retirement and turn my side hustle from overworked hobby disguised as a business into a profitable venture.

I have been able to do all this while making an impact in the lives of solopreneurs in Lagos, Nigeria by providing start up interest-free loans.

Here’s what I believe.

I believe I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me, and I believe the same is true for you. 

We all were made for abundance and having a fulfilled life is our birthright.


My Superpower,

…Is my creative thinking. :)


In my quest to build financial assets I found out that my most important assets were right between my ears and had been long undervalued. Now, I make a daily decision to change the way I think about money and change my life.

I have taken a few wrong paths and some good ones on my financial journey, and I am hoping that you join me in redefining our relationship with money. I want to max out my life’s full potential, and I want the same for you. The change we so badly want to see in the world around us already lies within.

Why Wealth From Little.

Wealth From Little was born out of true love and generosity to see you succeed financially and in every area of life. There is a lot of financial information out in the world yet still I was blind to how bad my money habits were. I launched Wealth from Little as a champion for mothers (and those who love us) who need to get their minds and money game right because we know we are raising the next generation of leaders and decision makers. We know the future comes from us no matter where in the world we are, we are all united through the process of motherhood. The future starts with us.

It's About You.

Learning and growing as you build your wealth from little.



If you love the idea of having complete freedom (mentally, physically and financially) regardless of whatever stage of life you are.

If you would like to have more financial assets than shoes, clothes, belts or bags in your closet.

You want to be fulfilled and able to make clear financial decisions on your own terms.

You want to design a life you love around the things that matter most to you (such as  your faith, family, purpose…).


Max Out Your Potential

If you are like me, you know there is more in you but unsure how to go about finding out how to manifest your desires.

If you are looking for tips to maximize your financial potential and most importantly becoming financially free…


Kingdom Impact

You dream of being debt free, being able to share with other from a place of abundance.

You want to learn how to be a great money manager, able to save, spend and invest with clarity, confidence and ease.

You are ready to do the diligent work to bring your desires from your heart into your reality

And a Little About Me Also.

I am a Certified Master Financial Coach. I love Jesus with all my heart. I firmly believe and have faith in the promises he has for us and I want you & I to walk in them. It’s your right!

I have also put my faith to work by investing myself through courses, mentoring, and coaching. This is to ensure I am bringing out the best of the gift God has placed within me. I am and will always be a lifelong learner. 

I love singing out my instructions to my kids and dancing off beat. Above all, I am a daughter of a KING, a wife to an amazing husband, a mother, a daughter to many, a friend to my siblings, a sister to my friends, and a mentor to many.

I give generously & love easily, I am a chocolate lover who has discovered the basic principles of financial freedom and happiness which I would love to share.

Thank you very much in advance for spending time with me on this site. I do hope you visit regularly, attend our upcoming masterclass and choose to invest in yourself by working with me.  

In the meantime, weekly gems and truth bombs are going out to the Wealth From Little Community. Sign up below to join us and I'll send you a copy of my compilation of Money Mindset Tips for Women.

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