This is an invitation for female entrepreneurs and professionals who want to manage their money better, increase their income or spend a lot less time to make it, and start building their wealth.

This program is 8 weeks long and is a good fit for faith-filled women, who want to get their finances in order and grow their wealth from little by learning how to put together a step by step wealth blueprint by creating a spending plan, learning to manage their borrowings, pay off debt, save efficiently including taxes while planning for their futures and protecting themselves from risks. 

I work with you on the following things:

  • Clarifying your finances - Understanding exactly where you are now and where you want to go. Understanding your core personal values, your purpose, your assignment, and your goals will make a huge difference in how easy it is to create and stick to a value-based spending plan that will lead to your prosperity. 
  • Helping you to put a plan in place to quickly pay down past borrowings/ debt/ mortgages while learning the best ways to access inexpensive funds. Learn to stop overpaying for your borrowings, improve your credit score and avoid expensive credit.
  • Learn to improve and increase your savings up to 10X while ensuring you aren’t overpaying in other areas such as taxes, bills, subscriptions etc. 
  • Creating a very simple investment plan to grow your wealth year on year. I’ll help you calculate and plan out the finances of your future/ retirement dreams and start funding important investment accounts and passively grow your net worth to multiple 6 and 7 figures. You’ll learn what every person needs to know about safe & effective investing. 
  • Learn how to protect yourself from risks to your income, your ability to work, and your property. So that you are prepared for any unexpected expenses or unwanted life challenges. This includes prayers and declarations that empower you spiritually to keep taking action while reprogramming your mind for financial success. (This piece in itself has brought many to tears and led to huge breakthroughs in other life areas.)

Together, the above 5 points make up the system that I personally used to prepare for an unexpected redundancy, buy my home, grow multiple income streams, start building my wealth, and increase my confidence in achieving my financial goals while eliminating financial anxiety, and FOMO (fear of missing out). 

In the program, you get 1-on-1 calls, detailed assignments and instructions, unlimited daily feedback on your work, and lifetime access to even more coaching through my incredible alumni community of people who've gone through this program.

This program is like nothing I've ever seen in our industry, and for the right person, it gets fast and stunning results and gets the best results for faith-filled women who are completely done right now with making excuses to why their financial situation is the way it is and believe they have what it takes to turn their lives around with my guidance, support, and accountability. 

The process of creating wealthy habits takes about 1-2 months to get rolling and start to fully work. Although it can be faster, depending on what you already have in place.

Past clients have been able to pay off 5 figures in debt in the time we worked together, others have cleared and no longer need to go into their overdraft, saved at least 2X the investment they paid to work with me while many others have also increased their earning potential with ease so that they now have more than enough money and comfortable live below their means.

In order to be a good candidate, the following must be true:

  • Overcoming your financial challenges is your top priority right now and you aren’t facing bankruptcy YET. 
  • You are a high achieving, intelligent, and resilient faith-filled woman who is done letting the lack of money control how you live. 
  • You have a belief in God and want to build wealth so you can positively impact others in your world. 

The investment for this offer is in the mid-low four-figure dollar range, and still remarkably lower than the high 5 and 6 figures of debt most women face and the high financial impact that the lack of wealth creation knowledge, guidance, and support is costing most households. (This isn’t factoring in the cost of financial stress on health, mental wellbeing, self-esteem, and effects on relationships and happiness).

If interested, just book a call to speak with me. I'll ask you a few very brief questions to see if you're a good candidate to get results. If you are, we can begin our work together this week.

To your financial success,


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