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Hi, I'm Elizabeth

I help female entrepreneurs, and professionals change the way they think about money and so they can start building wealth using biblical principles.


…Feel stuck financially, living paycheck to paycheck and unable to save ? 

OR maybe you feel frustrated by your growing debt with no clue how to get out or where to start looking for help.

Are you sick & tired of underearning but not sure how to charge your worth or ask for what you deserve with confidence?

Do you feel like you have nothing to show for all your years of hardwork, and with time time ticking away you realise you have no solid plans for your financial future and pension years?

Do you contantly feel stressed anytime you think about your bills and responsibilities?

I Help Women of Faith like You to Master your Money, Renew your Mindset, & Achieve your Money Goals.

I'll show you how you mange your money and get you feeling confident about every money decision you make. Knowing that your money will be working hard in your favour. 


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A lot of women don't realise the underlying stress and and anxiety in their lives & homes is caused by Financial Concerns ... and I help them solve them.

So we share biblical ways to improve your relationship with money and start investing safely, so that you can pay for your own home, your kids education, support your parents, fund charitable causes and make a big impact for the Kingdom of God.

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I'll work with you, wherever you're at.

Uncover where you are now & how you got there

You’re not in this alone, you will have lots of support along the way as we untangle any knots that are keeping you financially stuck & create a new Abundant Mindset.

Discover how you see yourself and where you want to be

You will get the tools to effectively Manage Your Finances so that you can build the ideal life you dream of for yourself, your family and those in your world.

Bridge the GAP to get you there faster

Together we will be build your bespoke Wealth Blueprint. This will arm you with the knowledge and step by step plan to confidently make the right decisions to Achieve Your Money Goals, while Building Your Net Worth to 6 figures or greater .

Are you Stuck?

You want to start accomplishing your dreams again. To start a business, save for the future, give more to your community or church.

You are working too hard balancing being a mom, wife and/or daughter and investing too much energy into managing your budget, which never works. You just want a way out of the constant "rob peter to pay paul" dance you do every month… you long for the day when you will have enough saved up for any emergencies or surprises that come up which usually cause you stress.  

You live in fear of becoming a future financial burden to your loved ones. You have no financial plans in place for your pension years and you know the state pension alone will have you living below the poverty line in your old age. 

You want a life where you call the shots, not your poor financial decisions of the past.

You want to fix this NOW as a gift to your future self, while you have time, energy and the strength to do the work 


Let's design your unique wealth blueprint.

And maximise your full potential.

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