"Debt cleared, and started Investing"


“Working with Elizabeth has undoubtedly changed my mindset about money. I always had the urge to be successful (financially) but I didn't realize I had to fix my money issues/ mindset to achieve this.

She has helped me transform my money mindset, improve my money management, and helped me to see things in myself I never saw before.  I am so glad God brought Elizabeth into my life..”


Purpose Coach, Joanne

"From Confused to having Clear plan and the Motivation to take Action"


I have had Elizabeth as my money coach for the past several months and I truly feel I have come a long way in my knowledge of money and how to make it work for me. Not only has she helped with my money mindset, she has helped me think of a viable business and a strong plan which will see me hopefully living off my passive income in the future.

Elizabeth’s focus is on wealth creation. That is something she has reminded me of since the beginning and I know I will hold on to that even after our meetings are done.

Elizabeth has also been very accommodating whenever I needed to reschedule a session. 

With her cheery personality, Elizabeth always tries to look for the positive in very situation and never lets you settle for ‘’I don’t think it’s possible”. Sometimes I feel she believes in me and the lengths I can achieve way more than I believe in myself. But I guess that is what you need in a coach. Someone who can see the vision even when you can’t.

If there is one thing I’ll take away from my time with Elizabeth, it’s that it is not enough to make money; you need to create wealth!!


Elizabeth is an excellent coach:)

I really enjoyed every session with Elizabeth. She really cares about her clients. She helped me to discover the purpose of my life.

I also know exactly what I want from my life. I also got leads whom I converted into clients. Elizabeth also helped me with my business strategies.

I would like to recommend Elizabeth to anyone who is looking to improve his/her life and be better at business.

Loads of love


"She is such an outstanding and inspiring person with lots of broad insight into the foundations, mindsets, and premises for creating wealth. If you need a mentor for showing you a healthy relationship with wealth you are lucky to have found this gem of a lady! Let her guide you and be transformed, as she goes deep! Thanks so much, Elizabeth"


“Seeing Elizabeth on a IG live where she spoke about the different personalities of any individual really sparked something in me so I went on to explore more about her work. My intuition just told me to sign up to her welcome call, (where we spoke for over 1hr and in that short time she was able to help me identify my limiting beliefs I have with money - my lack of trust with money, myself and others) also in that call she helped me push out of my comfort zone and make a decisive decision and act immediately, this was the start of my WFL programme. 

Just from 4 sessions I now have three saving fund pots, allocate 100% of my income, track my expenditure and spend based on value (value spending) where I asses for their price, quality and time. The programme consist of weekly activities which means I’m putting into action the learnings from our sessions. 

It’s important  to highlight that Elizabeth works on your internal beliefs and helps reveal where they stem from and ways to move forward, it’s like a reveal then renew session which is so powerful. I’ve already seen from our time together that changing my mindset truly reflects my reality. 

Thank you so much Elizabeth, you are not just my Coach, accountability partner but a friend.


It’s a life changing experience. To actually see yourself growing your wealth from little. I had no savings before I started working with Elizabeth and now I have 4 figure saving pot, which continues to grow monthly, saving money for me now comes easy and the first thing I do when I receive my monthly wage is pay myself.

She has taught me and provided me with tools to value myself and build a loving relationship with money. If you are stuck, just spending unconsciously, with no/little savings and want more for yourself then this programme with Elizabeth being your coach and accountability partner is for you, you truly will grow your wealth from little.

I’m so happy and grateful that I said yes to this programme and built such a lasting relationship with money & Elizabeth.